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Detachement                                      Year of birth            Daily distance                              Packing
Soldiers and veterans                          1998-1999                 40 km                 NO weightrequirement
Soldiers and veterans                          1967-1997                 40 km               Men: at least 10 kilogram
                                                                                                                                  Woman: No weight requirement
Soldiers and veterans                          1966 or earlier       40 km                     No weight requirement

2019  Four Days Marches Regulations Governing Distances and Rewards

As adopted by the board on 13 December 2017

Article 1
In the Four Days Marches, one of three different distances, 30, 40 or 50km*, is to be walked every
day. The following classification is made according to age and gender.
Upon choosing the category, the corresponding distance will be binding for every walking day, i.e. it is
not allowed to increase or reduce the distance corresponding to the chosen category for one or even
several days.
R = Regulation distance
This is the minimum distance that must be completed successfully on each of the four days. The
minimum distance depends on age and gender.
E = Extended distance
This is the regulation distance, plus an (optional) distance of 10 or 20km, on each of the four days.
*The actual distance to be walked on each day may differ from the standard distance indicated here to
the nearest kilometre.

Article 2
The Four Days Marches offers two different kinds of reward:
The Four Days Marches Cross (medal) is awarded to walkers who successfully complete the
regulation or extended distance for the first time. Upon each subsequent successful completion, a
number or another type of Four Days Marches Cross is awarded, as specified in the appendix.
The Four Days Marches Cross is the five-armed ‘cross for demonstrated marching skill’, as defined in
the Royal Decree of 6 October 1909. The Four Days Marches Cross is bronze, silver or gold, and may
have a crown, enamelled arms and a shield on the back. The ribbon bears a number and/or a laurel
wreath and number or a single or double string of pearls and number, depending on the number of
times the participant has completed the Four Days Marches successfully and in the sequence
described in the appendix.
The Four Days Marches Group Medal is awarded to groups and detachments who successfully
complete the regulation or extended distance.
Article 3
The distance that a participant must walk depends on the year they were born and their gender. In the
year of participation, the participant must turn at least 12 years old.

The letters E and R correspond to the Extended or Regulation Distances, as defined in article 1.
*For military servicemen, the regulation distance is 40km, providing they carry at least ten kilograms of
marching kit.