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The importance of a good preparation


The events during the ‘Unfinished’ 90th edition of the Four Days Marches in 2006 forced both the organisers and the participants to face the facts. Various bodies, not least the independent investigation commission led by drs. Loek Hermans, pointed out the responsibilities for both the walkers and the organisers of the Four Days Marches. To ensure nothing is left to chance, these responsibilities are summarised below.

The Nijmegen International Four Days Marches is emphatically a walking achievement event. Stichting DE 4DAAGSE, as organising body, points out that Four Days Marches participants each have their own, individual responsibility. Walkers take part in the Four Days Marches at their own risk. By registering to participate in the Four Days Marches the participant accepts the regulations and protocols established by the board to ensure the event runs smoothly.

Four Days Marches participants must recognise their own individual responsibility, take all appropriate precautions regarding physical condition, training and preparation, clothing and shoes, food and drink, and effect insurance if necessary. The decision to abort their participation in the Four Days Marches is also the individual responsibility of the participant. If you have any doubts at all about your health and/or physical condition, consult a doctor! When you need to appeal to the Medical Service of the Four Days Marches it is good to know of you use any medication and which medication this is. You can use a medical passport for this.