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21-24  Juli  2020

Tuesday 21 April 2020

Four Days Marches 2020 cancelled


On 21 April, the Dutch government announced an extension of the corona measures in the Netherlands. Unfortunately, this extension means that the Four Days Marches 2020 will definitively not take place.

For a long time, we had hoped the measures would have had effect in time for the Four Days Marches to take place safely. This would have been a wonderful way to conclude a difficult few months for both the Netherlands and the rest of the world.

Although we increasingly took the scenario into account, the definitive cancellation is difficult for us. Naturally, everyone’s safety is paramount, but we also know that tens of thousands of walkers were very much looking forward to the 104th Four Days Marches. A cancellation is necessary, and understandable, but it also brings disappointment.

This disappointment is also felt by all our employees, volunteers, partners, sponsors, suppliers, and everyone else who embraces the Four Days Marches. Everyone has worked hard, invested much, and looked forward to our beautiful event in July. It is therefore very unfortunate that the Four Days Marches are cancelled.

As the Four Days Marches organisation, we work all year round to prepare for our beautiful event, which generates costs. Unfortunately, we will not be able to refund the full registration fee. Thanks to the support of our partners, suppliers, and sponsors, we will be able to refund approximately € 60 of the € 100 registration fee to our participants.

In the coming weeks, we will be working hard on the final implications of the cancellation. We will contact our participants within several weeks, they do not have to take any action themselves. We will return the refundable part of the registration fee before the end of June.

For now, we wish everybody all the best. Stay healthy, and keep walking, because we would love to see you all on the Via Gladiola next year.

Kind regards,
Board of the Four Days Marches




Founder, Roland Hagenbeek formed an international detachment of veterans and soldiers for the Nijmegen Four Days Marches last year for the first time.

Roland managed to get twelve people from four different countries together at the Heumensoord camp. From Heumensoord they walked for four days in the Waalstad and her beautiful, wooded area. After four days of walking, they all awaited a glorious entry on Via Gladiola and then received the well-deserved Four-Day Cross. Despite the well-known blood, sweat and tears, the complete detachment came to the finish.

This year it will be tackled bigger and the organization consists of four people. The goal is to get more than twenty-two soldiers and veterans together so that two detachments can be formed. The advantage is that two caregivers can also join. Thanks to sponsors, clothing is made. Various training sessions are organized in the Netherlands, Germany and even in Spain. During these walking tours everyone gets to know each other and the can already taste the atmosphere


International armed forces and veterans are looking for soldiers and veterans who feel like continue where others stop on the  four days, having fun, singing on Beukenlaan and ending these days while dancing with the blister ball. Yes? Are you also looking forward to it? Yes sign up.


Registration fee and facilities at Camp Heumensoord


Our group is a detachment of Small Contingents.


The registration fee for the 104th Four Days Marches is €100. This amount does not include the certificate. If you want, you can order a certificate when registering (€11).


All foreign military detachments stay at Camp Heumensoord during the Four Days Marches. Accommodation fee is €300 for Small Contingents. You will then be able to use the camp's facilities from Saturday 18 July to Saturday 25 July.